Albemarle High School Choirs

Jennifer L Morris, Director                                           Kerry Troy, Accompanist

      UVA Concessions

Please make sure that you can work before you sign up.

Concessions are hard work: You will count inventory, cook, clean, collect money - all while having a good time and raising money for the Albemarle High School Choirs!!

All events require a plain white, collared shirt, black orkhaki pants and closed-toe shoes.

Check back often. Booths are always being added.

Any AHS Choir students may sign up. However, any students under 16 must sign up with a parent or guardian.

Before you will be allowed to work any concessions, every person must complete a background check, Criminal Disclosure form, and Exhibit A. You may print those forms from these links.

BACKGROUND CHECK (only submit page 2)



Every person who works makes $65 for his/or her chorus account. Booth leaders make $80.