Albemarle High School Choirs

Jennifer L Morris, Director                                           Kerry Troy, Accompanist


Tue. 11/20 3:15 PM Anastasia at the Kennedy Center
Mon. 12/3 6:30 PM Chorus Boosters
Thu. 12/13 11:30 AM Patriots to sing at MOAA Convention

This will happen during the school day. Details to follow.

Fri. 2/8
Sat. 2/9
All day District Chorus

For students selected by audition in November.

Mon. 3/4 7:00 PM Festival Concert - All AHS Choirs

This performance is required.

Students are expected to be in their warm-up area, in uniform, at 6:30 pm.

Thu. 3/14
Fri. 3/15
All day District Assessment - Patriot Singers and Take Note!

State Assessment

Thu. 3/28
Mon. 4/1
All day Spring Competition Trip

Details TBA

Thu. 4/4
Sat. 4/6
All day All-State Chorus

This event is for students who were selected, by audition, at District Chorus.

Thu. 5/2
Sun. 5/5
All day Spring Musical at AHS
Wed. 5/15 7:00 PM Spring Show - All AHS Choirs

This performance is mandatory.

All students are expected to be in the designated warm-up area at 6:30 pm.

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