Albemarle High School Choirs

Jennifer L Morris, Director                                           Kerry Troy, Accompanist

Albemarle High School Chorus Auditions
Set up an audition time by contacting Mrs. Morris, Choral Director


Auditions for Patriot Singers (10-12 grade, 9th graders considered)

  • Range testing
  • Sing one verse of “My Country “tis of Thee” - will be accompanied and in several different keys
  • Sing one verse and chorus "Danny Boy" in the range you feel fits you best
  • OPTIONAL: Sing one verse of a song of your choice - sing a cappella or bring accompaniment
  1. Sight reading (You can practice at

SHOW CHOIR (9-12th grade, male and female)

Auditions for Show Choir -  Please contact Mrs. Morris ( to set up an audition.

  1. Range testing

  2. Sing a verse and chorus of your choice - sing a cappella or bring your own accompaniment

  3. Choreography audition -  You will demonstrate the ability to do basic choreography movements, maintain steady beat in your body

Take Note! (Treble Jazz)
Sing a verse and chorus of your choice. Song should be in a contemporary style, such as: