Albemarle High School Choirs

Jennifer L Morris, Director                                           Ben Griffin, Accompanist

Syllabus                                                CONTEXTUAL LISTENING - Aural skills practice -


Chapter 1 - Notes

Chapter 2 - Notes

Bobby McFarrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale

Chapter 3 - Notes

Illustrating Musical Temperaments

Transposition Assignment

Chapter 4 - Notes

#6. Roman Numeral Analysis - make a copy and put your name on it.Share with Mrs. Morris when complete.

#7 - Figured Bass - make a copy and put your name on it. Send to Mrs. Morris when complete.

#8 - Pop MusicSymbols  Arrangement -  make a copy and put your name on it. Send to Mrs. Morris wqhen complete. 

Quarter 1 - TEST REVIEW

Chapter 5 - notes

Chapter 6 - notes

Chapter 7 - notes

Music textures video - Listening for Musical Texture

Chapter 8 - notes

Chapter 9 - notes

Assignments for Quiz Grade

9.3 #3

9.3 #4

9.3 #5 - 3/3 means double the third instead of the root


There are 3 assignments:

9.3 #3

9.3 #4

9.3 #5

Open each assignment. Make a copy of the assignment. Rename your copy with your name and the assignment number (ex. 9.2 #3 – J Mo)

Complete the alto and tenor for each assignment. Be certain to save every once in a while. Once you have completed the assignment, go to CONNECT in the upper right corner. Click on CONNECT. Click CHANGE.

Change Who can access the score to EVERYONE. Your score is an original. Click save.

Email the website address to me: [email protected].